Type of sprayers with rotatable rod vs fixed rod

Such sprayer with a rod is designed to spray mist to throat, ear, and hair (see section Type of Actuator in Pharmaceutical Application). Actually, there are two types of rod including rotatable one and fixed one. The rotatable rod sprayer is used to spray throat and ear, while the fixed is used to spray ear and hair. However, the different application according to rotatable and fixed rods is just a habit in this industry. The rotatable rod sprayer can also be used to spray hair and the fixed rod sprayer can also be used to throat.

The rotatable rod sprayer has a short or longer rod on the actuator. This rod is freely rotatable in 360°. Because both easily rotating and leakage proof are necessary to be assured, the requirements of technique producing the rotatable rod type is higher than the fixed rod type. And the cost of rotatable type is also a little higer. However, the advantage is also obviouse. Firstly, the rod can be in any angle to make spraying more comfortably and accurately. Secondly, the packing box is small because the rod can be in vertical position to shrink the size.

The fixed rod sprayer also has a short or longer rod but this rod is fixed on the actuator. This sprayer is easy to be made and the cost is a little lower. The disadvantage is that the bigger boxes is needed to pack this spray bottle.


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