Type of Actuator in Pharmaceutical Application

Using different actuator, the sprayer can be applied in different medicine delivery part. The main 3 types include nasal, throat (or oral), and topical actuators.

Topical actuator is used to spray skin. This sprayer is very general. Usually, if we say “fine mist sprayer”, it refers to a topical sprayer. Sometimes, this sprayer is also used to spray mouth or eye.

Nasal actuator is used to spray liquid into the nose. The thin tip can insert into the nasal cavity to deliver medicine. The nasal sprayer can be locked by a clip that is often called as safe clip or locking clip. This clip is designed to avoid unexpected pressing.

Throat actuator is designed to insert in the mouth to spray the medicine to the deep throat. This sprayer is also called as oral sprayer sometimes.

A throat sprayer has a rod which can rotate freely in 360°. Before spray, the rod need be in the horizontal position. The length of this rod can be different to suit spraying the different depth in the mouth.

Two types of caps are optional when purchase a throat sprayer. One is dust cap with a gap to fit the rotating block. This cap is to prevent unexpected pressing. The other one is rod end cap. This small rod end cap is to keep the nozzle clean after every spraying.

The application can extend to ear spray. Such sprayer is ear sprayer. Direct spraying into the ear is possible. However, to make the user more comfortable, a conical adapter is capped at the end of the rod. Normally, the length of rod of an ear sprayer is short. Some factories make the ear sprayer’s rod be fixed in a horizontal position on the actuator, but the one with a rotatable rod is better on packing the final filled spray bottle in the individual small box.

Type of Actuator in Pharmaceutical Application》有2个想法


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