Plastic Injection Molding: Cold Runner vs Hot Runner

There are two types of plastic injection molding progresses, including cold runner and hot runner systems. The cold runner is the traditional system, while the hot runner is the recent system.

The difference between cold and hot runners is the runner (channel) connecting the melted plastic generator and the cavity. In cold runner, this channel is as a part of the cavity, so the finished plastic unit includes the part cooling and solidfying in the channel. This channel part will be broken from the final product and be discarded. In hot runner, this channel is as a part or extension of the melted plastic generator. This channel is wrapped by thermal insulation material or additional heator to keep the plastic melted status when goes through this channel. The finished product doesn’t contact the additional part.

Cold RunnerHot Runner
Mold costcheapexpensive
Operation and maintenanceeasymore complicated
Space occpuiedsmallbig
Cycle time (production pace)slowfast
Raw material wastingwaste somedoesn’t waste
Theromal sensistivity of materialsless limitmore limit
When use this runnersmall quantity of products or don’t have much experiencebig quantity of products and have much experience
Comparison of cold and hot runners


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