Silkscreen Printing and Stamping

Silkscreen Printing is printing the simple and color-based artwork on the bottles. Stamping is coating a golden or silver rings (it is a ring in most situations) around the bottle body or big overcap. Silkscreen Printing and Stamping happen on bottles and big overcaps. Sprayers are not involved.

The artwork for silkscreen printing should be simple. The artwork is based on one or more single-color without gradient. If more than one colors are applied, the colors are printed one by one and the poistion between colors must be accurate. The cavity at the bottom of bottle is used to fix the poistion. Therefore, the artwork is better be simple. Additinoally, the cost of silkscreen printing is also be based how many colors of the artwork.

Silkscree printing and Stamping are not often used for pharmaceutical packagings. The cost is high and the artwork is simple. Sticking label is the most popular mode for pharmaceutical packagings. However, for other packagings such as cosmetic and living bottles, silking printing and stamping are often used because one advantage of silking printing and stamping is the artwork can be damaged if the bottle is wet.

Last point is necessary to be noted. The printing artwork provided by buyer must be authorized. Or the supplier making silksccreen printing may be involved in a brand lawsuit.


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