Producing Plastic Unit and Bottle

Different technologies are used to produce different unit. Overall, Injection Molding is used to produce the components of a sprayer, and Blowing is used to produce bottles.

Injection Molding is to making the solid unit. The melted plastic raw materials is shot into the mold by high pressure. After cools, mold opens to take the finished unit. Almost all plastic materials can be applied in Injection Molding procedures. All plastic components of a sprayer are made via Injection Molding.

Blowing Molding is to making bottles. The metled plastic raw material or soft preform is put in the mold, then gas will be blowed to general the finished shape of a bottle. There are three main blowing technologies including Extrusion Blowing, Injection Blowing, and Stretch Blowing.

Extrusion Blowing and Injection Blowing are used to make PP and PE bottles. Extrusion Blowing is the old technology. The melted plastic is extruded out as a tube and the mold closes. Following blowing directly make the shape form. Injection Blowing is a recent technology. This procedure includes two steps. The first step is making a preform in the first mold. However, the profrom is kept warm and soft. Then the second mold replaces the first mold quickly and following blowing make the shape form in the second step. Extrusion Blowing is cheaper and easier to operate and maintenance. Injection Blowing can make the bottles dimension more stable and production capacity is higher.

Stretch Blowing is used to make PET bottles. Traditionally, before Stretch Blowing, a preform is made separately. The preform is heated to soft but not melted, and a rod stretches the preform vertically to the designed bottle height. The following blowing make the shape form. Currently, a new technology combines the preform making and stretch blowing in one maching so that the efficiency is improved. However, all-in-one technology depends on the requirements of bottles (see Materials PET).


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