Quality Evaluation Leakage

Leakage is the mostly concerned quality point. The leakage problems are caused by two possible factors including the leakage from only the sprayer and the leakage from the connection of sprayer and bottle.

Normally, for only sprayer, the leakage parts are the two points in this picture. The reason is the plastic components’ dimensions are not accurate. The leakage from only sprayer doesn’t happen often. One special situation is leakage happens when spraying in an upside-down position (please see the secton Upside-down (360°) Sprayer)

The leakage between sprayer and bottle is the mainly concerned problem. The liquid leaks from the gap between the bottle neck top and gasket. To confirm leaking happens, the liquid on the screw/snap thread line must be observed. If pure water leaks, mold design is the reason. However, for some special liquid such as high concentration of alcohol or some oil, preventing leaking can not depend on only mold design, so perhaps silicone gasket need be used.

Solution of leakage problem requires comprehensive ways. Firslty the mold must be assured in the good design and the production must be in a good status. Secondly suitable gasket should be applied for different bottle-sprayer connection way (See the section Materials for Gasket). Finally, for leakage due to the special liquid and special storage condition, special consideration is necessary.


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