Stainless Steel Spring in Mist Sprayers

Stainless steel is the alloy containing carbon, Chrominum, and Nickel. This alloy has good resistance against acid, base, oxidant, etc. There are many types of stainless steel, but the mostly often used types are Austenitic SUS304 and SUS316.

SUS304 is the mostly often used stainless steel in the spring of a mist sprayer. SUS304 has enough resistance against almost all general corrosions.

SUS316 is another stainless steel often used in the spring of a mist sprayer. SUS316 has more chromium and nickel than SUS304 so it has higher resistance, expecially against chloride (like sea salts). Of course the price of SUS316 is higher than SUS 304.

For those nasal, throat, and skin sprays, the concentration is quite diluted. It means the corrosion is not high. This is the reason SUS304 is much often used than SUS316. Even for sea salts nasal spray, although it is salt, it is diluted so less corrosive. Therefore, many sea salts nasal spray also use SUS304 and no problem is found.

Another factor for the spring is the elasticity. Simply, the elasticity for SUS304 and SUS316 has not difference if the coil status (number of circles, diameter, length and thread thickness) is same. Therefore the spring of SUS304 and SUS316 can exchange easily without physicial difference.

Last point need be noted. Although SUS316 is good choice regardless the price, manufactuer doesn’t like to produce SUS316 sprayers. The reason is their massive production almost uses SUS304 spring. If produce one order using SUS316 spring, it will cause more difficult on production management because the appearance of SUS304 spring and SUS316 spring is completely same. Therefore, if SUS304 is enough, don’t use SUS316, which is easier for mutual cooperation.


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