Mist Decreases along with Viscosity of Liquid

Atomization level decrease when the viscosity of the sprayed liquid increases. Mist will become weak and become a line finally.

Pure water can form very fine mist. Propylene Glycol and Olive Oil’s mist is obvisously weak. The mists of Propylene Glycol and Olive Oil are similar although the viscosity of the latter is higgher. Detergent has very high viscocity and the mist disappears totally. A line is sprayed out.

The testing sprayer is XJT sprayer which has strong spraying ability. If use general mist sprayers, Olive Oli should be sprayed out as almost a line already.

When spray detergent, the actuator even could not jump back after pressing. After test and wash the inner channel with pure water, the jumping back fully recovered.

I upload the original videos to Youtube. Below is the linkage.

Full: https://youtube.com/shorts/D_0iO0aQDts

Separated clips:

Water: https://youtube.com/shorts/Q2dZbTpZjjc

Propylene Glycol: https://youtube.com/shorts/Ar1uZmak3Xg

Olive Oil: https://youtube.com/shorts/e7O0z51CdyY

Detergent: https://youtube.com/shorts/3wRGMcJ7lnA


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