Crimp on Type

The size of cirmp on clusure is the inner diameter the metallic part. The main size is 20mm in pharmaceutical packaging. Ohter size such as 15mm can be found in perfume packaging.

The mechanism of cirmp on closure is deforming the bottom of metallic closure to crimp the bottle neck. Therefore, Once capped well, the closure can not be reopened, unless destroy the closure or the bottle. That is why crimp on closure can be real “non-reopened” or “tamper proof”.

Like Snap on, crimp on closure can be applied on both plastic and glass bottles only if the bottle neck has a flat and horizontal circle. That is the bottles fitting snap on and crimp on are exact same. Moreover, crimp on closure has better compatability in a wide range of bottle neck circle’s height. It means fitting bottle of a crimp on closure is easier than a snap on closure.

The crimp on closure has above advantages including “non-reopened” and easier fitting bottle. However, it also has a few disadvantages. Firstly crimp on closure is more expensive. Because it includes a metallic part which normally can not be produced in plastic sprayer factory, this metallic part must be bought from other suppliers. Secondly, because the inner wall of metallic part is flat and smooth, the gasket is easier to slide out during shipment. Thirdly, the metallic part lacks elasticity so it deforms during shipment if packing is too crowded. Once the metallic part deforms, the autoassembly on capping machines will be affected.

The option of screw, snap, and crimp on closure is based on the real requirements. There is not a 100% perfect closure.


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