Lubricant in Mist Sprayers

Lubricant in sprayers is offen ignored by persons but it does exist inside to make piston move more smoothly. Silicone oil is the lubricant in mist sprayers because silicone oil is chemically inert and non-toxic.

Silicone oil is insoluble in water-based liquid and almost insoluble in alcohols, so silicone oil will not be washed off completely even after many times of spraying. Silicone oil can be washed off by oil-based liquid, but oil-based liquid can also work as lubricant and the sprayer can still work well. Actually, even water can make sprayer work well.

In a few cases, the liquid can wash off the silicone oil and this liquid can also decreases the movability of piston. Therefore, in such situation, the actuator will slowly or even can not jumb back to the original position after pressing. No common character of such liquids is found based on our experience. Just found some of (not all) sticky liquids or viscous liquids are such kind of liquids. And such kind of liquid often belongs to cosmetic and cleaning liqiuds. No pharmaceutical liquid is found to be this kind of liquid. Increasing the strength of spring can solve this problem normally. Normally the spring of bigger dosage of sprayers is stronger so this problem doesn’t exist if the big dosage of sprayers are used.


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