Materials Making Sprayers

One sprayer includes many components. PP, PE, Stainless Steel Spring must be used in all manufacturers’ sprayers. However, POM is not be used in all manufacturers’ sprayers. Because POM has lower thermal and chemical resistance, it is better a pharmaceutical sprayer doesn’t use POM for any component. Simply understanding is POM will cause additional risk in a pharmaceutical sprayer.

Compared to PP and PE, POM has better machinability and rarely generate flashes. Therefore POM is very suitable to make the nozzle. The other advantage of POM is very strong rigidness, so POM is also suitable to make piston.

An easy way to check the material is POM or PP/PE is based on the density. Because the density of PP/PE < water < POM, the POM will sink but PP/PE will float in water. Moreover, a POM piston is thiner, brighter, and more rigid than a PE piston.

PP/PE has very good chemical resistance so it is not stranger PP/PE can be food safety. However, food safety POM also exists. It doesn’t mean food safety POM can be used as widely as PP/PE because POM does have disadvantages. Firstly, the chemical stability is relatively weak because it contain weak C-O chemical bond. Secondly, during mold injection plastic progress, POM decomposes to generate monomer formaldehyde gas which is toxic and smelly. Summary, application of POM in pharmaceutical packaging must be more careful, but application of PP/PE has no worry normally.


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