Materials PP, HDPE, LDPE

Some characters have been described in “Types of Plastic Materials“. Here we extend more characters.

In a sprayer, there are many components. Different components are made of PP, HDPE/ LDPE, and POM separately. (POM is not used in some manufacturers’ sprayers, but PP and HDPE/LDPE must be used in all sprayers. )The reason is the requirements of rigidness and softness. Some components need high rigid to support the channel undeformed, while some components require a little soft to reach highly sealing.

All PP, HDPE and LDPE can be used to make bottles. HDPE are most often to used to make hard bottles and LDPE are most often to make soft bottles. PP are also found to make hard bottles but PP is not used as much as HDPE. PP has high MRI (Melt Flow Index or Melt Flow Rate), eg. the melted PP materials can flow like light oil, so blowing PP bottles is more difficult than blowing HDPE bottles in production process. Melted HDPE likes cream.


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