Type of connection between sprayer/cap and bottle

There are 3 main types of connection between sprayer/cap and bottle.

*On the item of connection, the closure of a sprayer is the only factor needed be considered. The actuator doesn’t affect the connection.

Screw on type. This is the most often used type. General screw on type refers to the sprayer closure can be screwed on and off without any limit, which means ” refillable”.

Snap on type. Snap on type can be reopened but reopening is difficult so it can be regarded as “non-reopened”.

Crimp on (Aluminum closure). Crimp on type is exactly “non-reopened” because the aluminum closure will deform to clip the bottle neck after it is capped well. If a mounted crimp on type closure is taken down from a bottle, the closure will not be the original status.


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